EPDM Seal Strip With Steel Belt

Sep 16, 2018

EPDM Seal Strip With Steel Belt 

EPDM Seal strip is mainly composed of EPDM dense rubber, EPDM foam rubber and high quality steel strip. After extruding the seal strip, the door seal strip is cut into different sizes and angles. Finally, a complete set of door sealing strips is made according to the angles of the metal plates on different doors. During installation, the U Department of dense and steel strip is clamped into the sheet metal. The foaming part is mainly used for anti-collision, sealing, dust-proof, waterproof, sound insulation and noise reduction when closing the door.

Door seal profiles,which is composed of epdm rubber ,is manufactured by high temperature vulcanization process. Base part is made of soft rubber which contains steel. Dense part is made from foam rubber, solid and durable, the falling-off situation does not appear , and  with long service life .

EPDM rubber has excellent UV resistance, weathering resistance, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance and water resistance. It is widely used in automobiles, trains, machinery and other fields. Disen possesses advanced seal extrusion machine and automatic angle machine, having supplied high quality seal products for many customers. We can customize the production according to the customer’s drawings and samples.

EPDM Seal Strip,EPDM Seal Strip With Steel Belt

Product Name EPDM Seal Strip With Steel Belt 
Material EPDM compound-Sponge bulb+Hard U rubber with steel belt or Wire reinforced
Color black
Shape Top bulb seal; Side bulb seal; two bulb seal, flap seal etc.
Specification Any sizes are available. Pls advise the height and width, and then we can quote you the exact prices.
Quantity Welcome any quantities, different quantity different prices.
Price Sold by meter, based on size and quantity
Payment term Usually, T/T 30% for deposit, the balance before shipment.
Packing 50mts/roll/carton , carton size 50*50*20cm
Sample Yes

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EPDM Seal Strip With Steel Belt