Sponge Rubber Strip

Sep 16, 2018

Sponge Rubber Strip,rubber seal strip

Sponge rubber strip features small density, excellent resilience and flexibility with better shock absorption, sound insulation and heat preservation. It is widely used in the field of sealing , cushioning, sound insulation, heat insulation, clothing industry shoemaking and so on.

We serve strips for an wide  range of applications. Our quality strip is available in both continuous rolls and cut lengths. Our foam strip and rubber strip products are available in various thicknesses to suit your individual needs and requirements.

The foaming seal strip is a kind of sealing strip which makes use of the characteristics of some materials to make holes in its interior by processing. In use, the foaming sealing strip is used widely.

Foam sealing strip use:


1. Cushioning materials for packaging materials (precision machinery, medical appliances, furniture, glass, etc.), protective cushioning materials for small electrical appliances, etc.


2. civil and building (housing large plate filling material, housing door and window seal material, concrete anti shrinkage liner material, open channel waterway filling material, various civil construction filling materials, etc.).


3. vehicle and ship (door seal material, luggage compartment seal material, engine hood cushion cushion, all kinds of pipe seal material, light seams material of lamps and lanterns, engine shock proof material, cushion and sealing material of instrument class etc.).


4. adiabatic and thermal insulation (cooler and air conditioner using thermal insulation materials, refrigerators and freezers, heat insulation materials, etc.).


5. sound insulation, moisture proof (all kinds of mechanical equipment noise proof sealing material, housing sound insulation wall sealing material, all kinds of electrical appliances waterproof and moisture-proof sealing material, all kinds of mechanical equipment moisture proof sealing material, etc.).


Air conditioning seals, and so on, all kinds of specifications and colors, and a variety of rubber, silica gel, rubber and plastic, three yuan EPDM products. Jude pursued the principle of "people-oriented" and "science and technology". It aims at creating quality with quality, quality and efficiency, and promoting development by competition.


The use of foam sealing strip is divided into three parts: EPDM (ethylene propylene oxide), foaming sealing strip, silicone foam sealing strip and PU foaming sealing strip. The foam sealing strip is formed by microwave vulcanization once, the surface is clean and beautiful, and there is no trace. It has good elasticity, anti compression deformation and excellent aging resistance. Excellent flame retardancy, low smoke and low toxicity, stable product performance and high dimensional accuracy.


Mead is strong in technology and is committed to the design, development and production of the company's products. The company has the domestic level of production line, including 5 single extrusion line and 6 PVC extrusion lines. The products are of excellent quality, complete variety, matching and serialization, and are favored by the users.

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