How To Buy The Right Rubber Edge Trim Materials

Oct 22, 2018
How To Buy The Right Rubber Edge Trim Materials

Rubber Edge Trims
Product Name u channel rubber edge trim
Color Black, Grey, Red, White, Green , etc
Size Can send us your drawings or samples,we can also design for you
Processiong Rubber Extrusion
Shape L/T/H/U/P/O Shape,Circular, rectangular,Square and other shapes
Hardness 40-80 shore A(Dense rubber)
Temperature -40ºC~+260ºC

Main performance:

Performance of Rubber Material Extrusion
Material Working Temperature Hardness(Shore A) Color
EPDM -40~150ºC 70±5° Black
SILICONE  -50~250ºC 60±5° Multicolor
VITON  -10~280ºC 75±5° Multicolor
NBR  -10~120ºC 70±5° Black
CR  -40~120ºC 60±5° Black
UPVC -20~100ºC 70±5°  
Foam Extrusion(Close cell)
Density 10~60(lb/ft³) ,   0.16~ 0.90 (g/cm3)
Color White,Black,Gray,Green,Blue color etc.
Shape L/T/H/U/P/O/I etc. Circular, rectangular,Square and other shapes
Application Used for high temperature sealing applications where a compressible material is required
Used in various fixed seals application.

> Aluminium door&window rubber seal strip       > Wooden door seals
> Bath Shower Screen shower door Seals           > Fire Door Seals
> Refrigerator Door Gasket Seals                            > Magnetic Door Seals
> Car door&windows seals                                       > Fire Door Seals
> Cabinet Door seals                                                   > Garage Door Seals
> Container Door seals                                               > Other Door rubber seals                              > Sponge Cleaning Balls                                            > Rubber Fender and many other rubber
> Rubber Extrusion Cord                                           > OEM/ODM Service
and also other rubber & plastic products sourced in China. 

We have a very mature process in Rubber extrusion, compression molding , injection molding etc.
Welcome to China,welcome to our factory!

Main product is Rubber seal strips ,  Rubber Edge trims .