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Our company established in 1999, which are located in xingtai city,hebei Province,China,we are specialized in manufacture and supplier of rubber seal strip , rubber edge trim , pvc edge trim, and epdm rubber strip which are used in mechanical seals,automobile and car door seals, door and window industry and other construction industry,with more than 15 years experience and steady development,we has become recognized leader company of the rubber extrusions products in Hebei Province,China. We also produce and manufacture of pvc seal strip,rubber edge trim seals,rubber foam seal strip,rubber edge protection seal strip,and the aluminium window seal strip. These products are widely used in truck, car, shipping, railway, machinery, bridge, drilling industry, and other areas. The main materials are rubber, PU, PA, EPDM, PVC, silicon, NBR, BR, CR, TPE and ABS. Our company has already established good and cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers,door and window manufacturers..……

Rubber Edge Trim is a highly flexible trim made of PVC , rubber, EPDM or other materials, it can be widely used in many area, it can decorate and protect the edge of door and window.
Our Rubber Edge Trim can meet various requirement, the quality is good and durability and environmental protection. it can be install easily and push the trim down simply and it will provide a strong grip on any exposed edge. our company's rubber edge trims can be used for many kinds of purposes.
Our manufacture can production various Rubber Edge Trim with diffrent dimensions and sharps, and our manufactur usually choise the best rubber raw materials to ensure that meet your needs,above are an example of some of our standard rubber extrusions and we can produce available in various of materials. welcome to contact us and sent email to us sales@rubberedgetrims.net

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