Rubber Edge Trim Seals

  • Rubber Edge Trim Seals

Rubber Edge Trim Seals

Rubber Edge Trim Seals


The Rubber Edge Trim Seals have bulb portion and retainer section, and is made of dual durometer elastomers with a EPDM sponge bulb and EPDM solid retainer.
The EPDM solid retainer section is easily pressed into place over any type of metal flange. The retainer section is pressed into place over the flange.
This versatile and popular Rubber Edge Trim Seals can be found on all types of metal cabinets, doors, toolboxes, control boxes, truck bodies and construction equipment.


Rubber Edge Trim Seals Specification:

Material: PVC or plastic Rubber

Size: 15x8mm or as Custom's need

Hardness: 60-70SHA

Color: Black etc.


Rubber Edge Trim Seals Features: 

1)Easy to install

2)Consistent, high-quality materials

3)Resilient gripping power

4)Weather and water resistant

5)Solid, rattle-free professional finish


This rubber edge trim seal is widely use type, can be used on many applications, with its U shaped finished process, easy to install  as a tight seal,without glue,  just push them down on any raw edge or flange to lock them in place. Meantime the price is cheap. 


Product name

Rubber Edge Trim Seals



Producing way



 black, red, orange, yellow, grey, white,blue, brown


 30-90 shore A

 Tensile strengh


Temperature range



 high elastic,anti-ultraviolet,ozone proof,shock-proof,buffering,sound-proof etc.


 household, hotel, commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and other fields



Rubber Edge Trim Seals